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This customized 1on1 elite soccer training program is designed to enhance your performance in a specific position by focusing on the Strike 1st Soccer 5 Essential Pillars of Play:

  1. Ball mastery

  2. 1v1

  3. Passing & Receiving

  4. Finishing

  5. Speed, Agility, & Quickness.


Our experienced coach will provide personalized attention and advanced techniques tailored to your specific needs, aimed at taking your soccer skills to the next level. With a structured curriculum and a focus on skill-building, this program will help you develop a competitive edge and elevate your game to new heights.


  1. Create a Parent Profile & add a Relationship of your Player. A credit card is required on file. Click Here:

2. Choose your Training Location.

Choose either Single or Package of Sessions.

*Note: When Booking a Package: You will book only the 1st Initial Session.

We will email you to confirmation within 24 hours to book the remaining sessions.

3. Wahoo! You will now receive an email notification that sessions are available to be booked for you & your group! We look forward to serving your players!

Single Session                     
4 Pack                               
8 Pack +                               
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