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2 - 4 Player

This elite soccer training program is designed for a 2-4 player group, with a focus on enhancing your performance by targeting the Strike 1st Soccer 5 Essential Pillars of Play:

  1. Ball Mastery

  2. 1v1 Attacking + Defending

  3. Passing & Receiving

  4. Finishing

  5. Speed, Agility, & Quickness.


Your trainer will provide advanced techniques and personalized attention to all players, tailored to their unique needs, aimed at taking their soccer skills to the next level. With a structured curriculum and an emphasis on skill-building, this program will help all players develop a competitive edge and train in a whole new way. 


  1. Create a Parent Profile & add a Relationship of your Player. A credit card is required on file. Click Here:

2.  All training is at Athens Academy.

Decide either Single, Package of 4, or Package of 8 Sessions.

3. Email us at with your phone number included & we will book you (unless there is a waitlist).

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