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1on1 Position-Specific Training

Are you a Striker ready to score more goals? Are you a Holding Midfielder who could improve left-foot distribution?  Fantastic - let's make it happen.

1on1 Position-Specific Training Program is extremely popular with elite players. The separation on game day comes from dominating your role offensively & defensively on the pitch. 

Let us
evaluate, analyze, and provide the necessary advantages, tweaks, & education to get you firing on all cylinders.

Strike 1st Soccer works with these positions:
Goalkeepers (1)
Center Backs (3 & 4)
Outside Backs (2 & 5)
Holding Midfielders (6)
Center Midfielder (8)
Attacking Midfielders (10)
Strikers (9)
Wide Forwards (7 & 11)

*Would you enjoy training alongside a teammate of the same position to build chemistry? Carpooling with a  buddy? Cutting a % of the cost of the program?  Let us know!  Small Group Sessions are Available*

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1 Session

4 Sessions

8 Sessions

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